Golden Retriever and
Goldendoodle pups
quality dogs for loving families
These kind notes and words of thanks are included with permission of the writers. You are welcome to make personal contact with any of these satisfied owners.

Hello Milt and Dorothy,
All is well with the Krauses and our new addition, CHESTER!!
He is adjusting amazingly well to all the new experiences. Flash and our cat, Bean Bag, are getting along with Chester great! Chester is trying soooo hard to learn everything from being in the crate alone to "going" outside. Everyone is IN LOVE....whether young (toddlers and babies to old)....wherever we go, dog lovers go crazy!!
You will probably get a few "hits" on your website! Will keep in touch...........and will send pictures along the way. Thanks for our great little guy!
Dorothy and crew (owners of a Goldendoodle)
Skaneatles, NY

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Zehr,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and some pictures of our amazing new additon to our family!!!! We could not have asked for a better puppy. He is already soooo spoiled, doesn't like to be by himself and thinks he is a lap dog. He always has to be touching some part of your body to go to sleep.
The kids don't leave him alone. He has been the best thing for them. They have had a few snow days, of course, and have not asked to watch t.v. or play video games since we brought him home. They play with him non-stop, and are outside all day with him!!
Although we were planning on crating him downstairs during the night, he had us trained pretty quick that he was not willing to be alone. He now sleeps on the floor next to me. He is almost potty trained. We have trained him to ring a bell that hangs from the door when he needs to go out, and has picked up on that pretty quick.
Thanks again for bringing Dax into our lives, I hope you enjoy the pictures!! Fondly, The Migliore's.
Toni Migliore family (owners of a Goldendoodle)
Frankfort, NY

Good afternoon! I just recently found your web-page in the Utica OD. In July of 2004, my husband and I purchased a wonderful puppy from you. I distinctly remember Piper’s father, as Thor, a stocky, redhead. Well, our Piper hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Attached is her picture. She will be three in May.
Piper is the most special part of our family. My husband and I treat her like a child . . . the baby that she is.
She loves to swim, and run and play fetch. She is the most enthusiastic listener I have ever seen in a dog. So smart and eager to learn, she is easily taught.
Piper is also a certified therapy dog. Residents love her as much as she loves them. She is most certainly my best friend.
Mary Kay and Adam Zabek (owners of a Golden Retriever)
Sauquoit, NY

Thank you so much for our Goldendoodle! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is great with kids – such a great dog! We have passed your name on to many people. Most recently to our daughter Meghan’s 4th grade teacher.”
Ann Colabufo
Camillus, NY

“We want to let you see how great our puppy “Kylie” is with our children! We just love her and she has settled in well.”
The Withers
Moravia, NY

“Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Molly (Golden Retriever). She’s a great dog and we enjoy her very much. We tell everyone about you!”
Laura and All
Clayton, NY

“As you can see, we love our Holly. Everyone in Inlet knows her as Greg walks her to town most days.”
Greg and Carolyn
Inlet, NY

“Our Goldendoodle, Faith, is doing great – 40 pounds and full of mischief. We have made several referrals to you. Hope all is well.”
Jonathan, Grace & Lisa
Albany, NY

“We just love our puppy! She has so much personality. Someday I would love another
 one (if I could talk my husband into it). He just loves her.”

Mary Pat Pulver
Valatie, NY

“Tudor turned out to be a loyal, beautiful, friendly dog and all my grandchildren adore her. She has become my shadow and we surely are a perfect match. She loves to dig holes in my back yard, knows that she should not do this, but in another few months she will outgrow this habit. She hardly barks, except when she wants to be cuddled and she loves a belly massage. When I take her for a walk so many people pay attention to her and Tudor accepts all the compliments with a wagging tail. I am so, so happy that I contacted you in September, it probably was wisdom in the stars to find a puppy to my liking. Thank you for breeding such a lovely, good natured puppy.”
Elke Fellehner
Albany, NY

“I just love my family of Behe’s. I have a huge brother Auggie (a Bernese Mountain Dog) who loves me. We play all the time. I think I am as big as him, and I protect him (ha ha). My mom named me Mimosa Louise as I look like champagne and orange juice. They call me ’Mimi’ for short. Mommy says I am the best natured puppy she has ever owned. They had goldens before me for over 10 years, too ?
I love everyone, and when my Dad’s and Mom’s girls come home, I get really spoiled” Auggie shows me the ropes of our huge lots. I am not a ‘foo foo girl.’ I love to dig and get dirty! Mommy says she tells everyone about me and has taken us to school for everyone to see, too! We have your email and address to give to others. I am deeply loved and soooo happy.
Tell Daddy Cooper and Mommy Milly that I am a very good girl. Love, Mimi

Ron & Marilyn Behe
Little Falls, NY

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