Golden Retriever and
Goldendoodle pups
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About our dogs

Characteristics of Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles
Our grandson makes a comfy couch out of our family Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers 

Our Golden Retrievers are quality bred. Besides AKC registration we have them rated by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip quality. We do not breed dogs that indicate hip dysphasia.

Our Golden Retrievers carry the endearing traits that make this breed so popular – great beauty, wonderful dispositions, exuberance for life, and love for everybody. Some have championship backgrounds. We have both the male and female parents on the premises. We select dogs with “boxier” composition and broad heads. We are careful to keep the gene pool expanded by breeding unrelated dogs. We have been rewarded over the years by many notes of thanks, referrals and repeat customers.

Our Goldendoodle puppies are a first generation (F1) cross between registered Golden Retriever females and a Registered Standard Poodle male. The poodle is apricot and the retrievers are various shades of golden, so the puppies are golden with some variation in tone.
Our granddaughter, Abigail, loving a Goldendoodle puppy.

We are amazed at the Goldendoodles. Their hair is comfortingly fluffy, adorably curly and doesn’t shed. They are highly sociable, affectionate and full of fun. To see families with allergy issues be able to have such a wonderful pet is great reward for us.

All Our Puppies
We are licensed as breeders by New York State Agriculture and Markets, which means that our facilities are inspected and we follow their guidelines for care of our dogs and for consumer protection.

All our puppies are given a thorough vet check along with their first shots before leaving our premises at 8-weeks or later. Countryside Veterinary Clinic can be contacted at 315-376-6563;

As the buyer, you receive a registration application, a copy of the pedigrees of both parents, a signed statement from the veterinarian regarding the puppy’s health, a record of vaccination and any medical treatments, papers explaining your rights as a purchaser, how to house train your puppy, and more.

The Golden Retriever females and the Standard Poodle male are all registered with American Kennel Club.  But because AKC does not as yet recognize the new designer breed Goldendoodles, we have them double-registered with Continental Kennel Club, so that you will receive papers from CKC to register your puppy as a non-purebred.

We are careful in how we feed our dogs.  All our dogs are fed a 26% protein formula, produced by Annamaet, which was developed for sled dogs.  The dogs respond with good health, glossy coats, thrifty puppies and great energy.

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